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  • What printmaking equipment do we have at our studio?
    Although we operate in a small space, we are proud to offer a range of tools and equipment for relief printing, etching, letterpress and basic screen print! Relief Printing - 1 X A3 book press, 1 X A5 book press, lino cut/wood cut tools, rollers, brayers, Cranfield/Caligo safe wash relief inks. Intaglio printing - 1 X Little John etching press (approx. 52 X 90cm bed size), 1 X A4 cross bar etching press, drypoint engraving tools, vertical etching tank (ferric chloride for copper etching), Hawthorn Printmaker's etching inks, Intaglio Printmaker's etching ink. Letterpress - 1 X A3 proofing press, 3 X small Adana presses, range of wooden/metal type, chases, furniture, rollers, Cranfield/Caligo safe wash relief inks. Screen print - A3/A2 screens (table top printing only), Soft table top for fabric printing, squeegees, range of acrylic paints, System 3 screen printing medium. All materials such as papers, inks, plates, lino blocks can be bought during open access on a pay as you go basis. As a member, sundries such as newsprint, tissue paper and tape are included in your membership fee.
  • What equipment can I use during open access?
    Once you have become a member, you can book onto our open access sessions. During your first session you will be inducted to the studio and our ways of working. After your induction you can use the equipment you require for either relief, intaglio or screen printing. What ever previous printmaking experience you have, you cannot use any equipment without first having an induction with one of our technicians/tutors. You also can only use equipment that you are familiar with, for example - you cannot use the etching equipment if you have never done this process before! In this case we highly reccomend that you do a course first!
  • How much does membership and open access cost?
    Yearly membership to Norwich Printmaking Hub is £60. Please let us know if you need to pay as a concession - we understand that not everybody can afford this and want to make sure that everybody has a chance to get involved! NB if you are a recent art graduate you can also pay as a concession! Open access is booked in 3 hour slots according to the availability of our technicians. Each 3 hour slot costs £18 - that's only £6/hour! NB we do not take bookings for 1 or 2 hours - if you want to use the studio, make sure you plan your time effectively and factor in cleaning up time at the end!
  • Do we provide for consessions?
    Absolutely! We understand that budding artists don't always have the funds to do what they love - if you need to pay a concession rate for one of our courses or to join as a member just let us know by using our contact page or sending an email to
  • Why can we only have 6 people in the studio at a time?
    Our studio is quite compact so in order to allow each person a decent space to work in we are only allowing up to 6 people (+ the tutor/technician) in the space at a time. We hope in the future to be able to welcome larger groups and will keep you posted!
  • Is there parking at the studio?
    While there is some parking at Clarence House, it is reserved for the businesses and owners using the building on a regular basis. There are a few options for parking and we have moved our evening courses a bit later to make parking fees more affordable. Clarence Road - some residential parking after 6.30pm (subject to availability!) Lower Clarence Road - 2 mins walk - Minimum £7 Riverside car park - 12 min walk - up to 4 hours, £4.50 Rose Lane - 14 min walk - daytime, over 3 hours £8.10. Evening (after 6.30pm) £3.10 Rouen Road - 13 mins walk - 3 hours - £4.80
  • Where can I get a screen prepared in Norwich?
    We don't have an exposure unit and therefore cannot provide the facilities for you to prepare your screen at our studio. We also no longer have a screen bed but you can use our screens for stencil or mono screen printing and we have a range of System 3 paints and screen printing medium. If you are wanting to do the photographic process and are looking for somewhere to get a screen exposed, check out Well Nice studios and contact Jo via You can take your own screen to her to be coated and exposed on Monday mornings. This service can take two weeks so make sure you're all sorted before booking printing time with us! Another option is APH Screens in Beccles who also offer this service.
  • Do we do any other events?
    If you are running an event and are interested in providing printmaking workshops we might be able to help! This will be subject to availability of our tutors and will involve fees for set up, travel, materials and tuition. Please email us at for any queries or a quote.
  • How do we promote equality and diversity?
    We respect age, disability, sex, race, religion and belief, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, sexual orientation and gender reassignment in line with the Equality and Humans Rights Act 2010 and aim to provide a welcoming service to our local and wider printmaking community.
  • What are our Health and Safety policies?
    We have risk assessments in place for all processes carried out at NPH. We also keep an up to date record of all substances used at the studio (COSHH). We ensure that all those who access our studio have had a full induction, this covers safe working practice, fire procedures and our ways of working. Our studio manager, Laura is a qualified first aider having completed a course in First Aid at Work in July 2021 and will be renewing her training in July 2024.
  • Where can I get lunch nearby?
    'Home' Cafe and takeaway sandwiches on the corner of Rosary Road, just off Thorpe Road (2 mins) Corner shop on Rosary Road (2 mins) Coach and Horses Pub, Thorpe Road (3 mins) Co-op, Costa and WHSmith at Norwich Station (8 mins) Morrisons, Costa, Starbucks, Boots at Riverside (12 mins)
  • What should I wear at the studio?
    We suggest that you don't wear anything special to the studio! Expect to get inky! We do have aprons and gloves available. Please do not wear open toe shoes/sandals.
  • Do we have disabled access?
    We are situated on ground floor level but there are a couple of steps to get into the building. Please email us in advance if you require any assistance while at the studio.
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